TEDSPremier is the ultimate tax efficient scheme designed specifically to enable employee parents to obtain maximum tax-relief for their childcare or nursery fees. Employees can save up to 40% off their annual nursery fees with TEDSPremier.

The TEDSPremier tax-relief scheme has been provided by TEDSgroup for parents, employers and childcare providers, since1997, following extensive research and development to ensure that the scheme is fully compliant.

The TEDSPremier scheme is a workplace nursery benefit, enabling parents, employers and nursery providers to derive financial benefit in a unique way.

What Are The Main Benefits of TEDSPremier?

TEDSPremier benefits a large majority of parents in employment, with savings of up to 40% off annual nursery fees available for employees.

Parents in employment (employees) can obtain full personal tax relief and NIC relief on 100% of their nursery fees. For parents in employment wishing to find out more information, please click here.

Employers provide maximum financial benefits to their employees, effectively providing an extra benefit, compared to the tax-efficiencies of childcare vouchers.  For employers and HR managers requiring more information about TEDSPremierplease click here.

Nurseries looking at providing TEDSPremier will benefit extensively in a number of ways, including an annual payment of £400, plus being in a position to provide tax efficient attractive discounts for childcare to parents. Find out how you or your nursery can begin to benefit now from the TEDSPremier tax efficient scheme. Please click here.

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