The Leading Workplace Nursery Benefit & Childcare Voucher Provider

TEDSgroup is the UKs number one, leading independent provider of childcare vouchers and tax efficient workplace nursery and childcare benefits. Since 1997 TEDSgroup has been recognised for developing and delivering unique and class-leading, friendly benefits for parents in the workplace.

With TEDSgroup you are dealing with a childcare benefit provider where you receive expert account management from a member of the TEDSgroup team, useful advice and individually personalised tax-calculations. TEDSgroup provides two innovative products for employee parents, employers and childcare providers.

TEDSPremier: Cost neutral for employers, annual childcare provider incentives and up to 40% savings off annual nursery fees, the nationally recognised TEDSPremier benefit, is truly unique. Introduced in the UK by TEDSgroup in 1997, it delivers 100% tax relief for parents in employment for their nursery fees.  Additionally, there are comprehensive financial and marketing benefits for nurseries who offer the TEDSPremier workplace nursery scheme to parents.

TEDSgroup childcare vouchers: Childcare vouchers are no longer available to new entrants.  TEDSgroup operates the UK’s leading paperless childcare voucher scheme for parents registered on or before 5th October 2018. The TEDSgroup childcare voucher benefit is the only major independent childcare voucher scheme which can claim that it provides all the following benefits; it is fully automated for the benefit of all; driven by guaranteed direct debit & direct credit fund management.

Get started or switch to TEDSgroup benefits – TEDSPremier and TEDS paperless childcare vouchers.

If you are looking for the optimum tax efficient workplace nursery benefit or an ethical childcare voucher scheme, then TEDSgroup is for you. Whether you are an employee with children, an SME employer or a childcare provider, TEDSgroup will be able to provide you with the best solution for you. Contact TEDSgroup now for further information.