The TEDSgroup Product Portfolio

TEDSgroup provides two unique childcare tax efficient products, which have continued to provide benefit to employee parents, employers and childcare providers, since 1997.

TEDSPremier and TEDS eVouchers have the following unique advantages in comparison to competitor benefits.

Advantages of TEDSgroup Benefits
  • Save up to 40% off annual nursery fees with TEDSPremier.
  • Over 20 years experience in tax efficient childcare benefits – the HMRC friendly schemes provided by place were developed in 1996 and first introduced exclusively by TEDSgroup in 1997.
  • Financial money transfer is fully automated – a unique, easy-to-administer process.
  • TEDSgroup passes on the full tax benefits, direct to parent employees.
  • TEDSgroup provides expert-level account management for every HR department or employer.
  • TEDSgroup provides secure Direct Debit and Direct Credit fund transfers between employers, parents and childcare providers.

So, by working with TEDSgroup to provide you or your organisation with a workplace nursery benefit or childcare vouchers you are assured to receive ethical HMRC friendly expert advice and benefit from the ultimate tax-efficient childcare benefit, delivered in an automated, hassle-free way.

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